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Friday, June 21, 2019



We have worked on 4 pieces of Art this year and found out that we have some great artists in our school.



The Villa Romana del Casale was designated a Unesco World Heritage Site in 1997, a few years after another important Unesco document was released, designating the practice of physical fitness and access to sports a basic human right.  

The images are dubbed “The Bikini Girls” on the museum labels and in guidebooks. I was told that this label is due to the fact that archaeologists in the 1950s though the mosaics were depicting some kind of beauty contest. They hadn’t ever seen girls lifting weights and wearing sports bras. In the last few years commentators have been trying to revise the label and call the mosaics “The Athletic Girls”.

Our students learnt how to make mosaics with the help of the Art and Technology teachers


 To write about Hieronymus Bosch’s triptych, known to the modern age as The Garden of Earthly Delights, is to attempt to describe the indescribable and to decipher the indecipherable—an exercise in madness. However, our students have tried!

Sunday, June 4, 2017


Here they come! The fantastic result of the project we developed for the last school year. The students and teachers worked colaboratively on this awesome idea.
Congratulations to all those who participated. Great job!
The exhibition is held beside the hall. Check it out!😉

Thursday, April 30, 2015


During our workshop lessons in Technology, we got to build a model of a construction site.  
We took care of the slab foundation, the electrowelded mesh (which the students welded with the soldering iron). Afterwards, we started building reinforced pillars as they are built in real life. The students used cement and mixed it with gravel and sand to create concrete. 
They constructed a frame from pieces of plywood and poured concrete inside the frame to let it harden for 24 hours.
It turned out like a real house! So we added the bricks to make the walls, stacking them with the help of the mortar (that we simulated with glue). Even a window frame seemed like a perfect idea to get our construction site done. 
And here you can check out the result. Notice the students' creativity (There's no limit to what they can do!).
Thanks everyone, it's been fantastic working with you on this project.
Reinforcement, framing and pillars
made out of concrete
Dirty and victorius hands.
It's been a hard project!

Finished project with labels

That was creative!
Awesome graffiti and a job well done!

Front view of an other excellent project

Friday, February 6, 2015


The students of 4E have worked on a Project in Literature and History together, studying the period of the Industrial Revolution through the famous British writer Charles Dickens and some of his works, such as Oliver Twist  and Hard Times.
 Pupils researched about the social classes, chose quotes from Dickens´s works related to the topic and others analysed Child Labour at that time and the conditions nowadays in many countries.
Don´t miss their PowerPoint presentations and the  shocking video one of the groups selected, it makes us all reflect on how many things have to be changed even at present time.



By Lidia Romero, Sheyla Uribe, Tania Pérez and Angie Maza

Thursday, February 5, 2015

What is.....End Unit Review! (Present Simple)

The students (and I) love this game for reviewing a topic. It´s great because of it´s versatility- it can be adapted to ANY topic! It also promotes reading, listening, speaking, and putting into practice what they´ve learned in a fun way. I think the best part is the competitive aspect in which students don´t even realize they´re learning and studying.

Popular in America is a famous game show or "quiz" show in America called Jeopardy. Three contestants at a time are situated infront of a digital game board with different catagories, below of which are questions related to that category ranging in difficulty. They chose a catagory and value, which the idea is to get the most questions right, winning the most amount of money.

I took this idea and made a prezi for my primero levels in the present simple. It worked best with the higher levels as I found they behaved better, but all seem to love it. I tried not to move the students around, so I divided them into groups based on where they were sitting. They were to chose a catagory first (the first rows) then a value (ex. $200) below of which is a question or answer they have to solve. On the board I listed the groups, and as they get a question right I add the amount. I do not take away when they are wrong, as the question goes to the next group to try to solve.

It works by clicking on a value, then pressing the right arrow so the students can see the question, which I read outloud. They then have a minute or 2 to talk amongst eachother and come up with an answer. If it is not correct in verb tense and content, the question goes to the next group. When they guess it right, I press the right arrow button revealing the answer. I then press it again to return to the game board and the next group can chose a catagory and value.

(I had to first explain the idea of each catagory, as in Jeopardy they´re a play on words. "Ask Me Anything" was answers and they had to make the questions. 1st or 3rd person was chosing which form of a verb or saying dates properly etc.)

Here´s the link to the public prezi, and can be adapted at your discretion as long as you have a prezi account! Hope you all enjoy.


Monday, January 19, 2015


              The 1st E and 1st F students explained the properties of the materials by recording Peppa Pig's episodes.
      Below you can see two great examples. 

      Iratxe, Nicolt, Andrea, Elena and Nessi (1st E), went over the porous and impermeable materials.

      Claudia, Álvaro F., Jeremías, Juanjo and Ioana (1st F) worked on the conductors and insulators.    

      They did an awesome job.
              Check it out!


Monday, June 10, 2013


The bilingual group of 2F read the unabridged book Charlotte´s Web  by E.B.White, this is a classic of children´s literature. You will probably know the story of little pig Wilbur and his friends. A great example of friendship.
Here are some quotes from the book.
"You have been my friend´, replied Charlotte. `That in itself is a tremendous thing."
"Trust me, Wilbur. People are very gullible. They´ll believe anything they see in print."
"After all, what´s a life anyway? We´re born, we live a little while, we die."

 The students created their  wonderful comics and posters of vocabulary.

                                          Clara Bobadilla Rodríguez

                                                    Lidia Pilo Orosa

                                                    Angie Maza González

            Sonia Latorre Fernández y Lidia Pilo Orosa

Friday, June 7, 2013


 ...a stroll through the deep dark wood
 (taken from "The Gruffalo", Julia Donaldson)

 At the end of this academic year we have learnt that all living things are made up of cells:

which live in ecosystems

Ecosystem Project

and evolve through the years.

We did it in a funny way with songs
  Cell Rap               The Photosynthesis Song   

and sometimes, as if by magic,

Working at the Lab. Chemical Reactions
without beating around the bush...

The Tree of Life
but always being respectful.

The Human Rights Project

Wednesday, June 5, 2013


Students of 2F develop their creativity writing their own poems. You can see some of them in this poster.

Emmanuel Gbadegesin

                                                        Álvaro Alonso Angelina        

WHERE I´M FROM (By Emmanuel Gbadegesin) 

I´m from my mum and dad
and the country I come from
I´m from the country I live in
to the new friends met.

I´m from noisy areas
and chidish shouts
I´m from peaceful phases
And quiet calm nature.

I´m from sweet delicious candy
and fast food
I´m from really smelly food
and bitter vegetables.

I´m from injuiries that made me cry
to sadness I sometimes had
I´m from excessive proudness
and incredible happiness.

I´m from desired stickers
and loved picture cards
I´m from grown kids group
to the realistic boy.

I´m from the past
that goes away
and from the future
that awaits.


Wednesday, May 29, 2013


Human Rights
This course we decided to go  more in depth with the Project about Human Rights. From the English Literature class, we made our little contribution reading about some well-known people such as Rosa Parks and Martin Luther King, who defended the rights for black people. We read the poems `The Balad of the Landlord´ by Langston Hughes and `Tableau´ by Countee Cullen.
If you like poetry, here is a link about social-justice poetry.

We also learnt to write an acrostic. Enjoy this one written by one of the student of 2F that will make us all reflect. Thank you Olivia

Wednesday, March 6, 2013


Esta es la escuela danesa con la que se realizaría el intercambio. Está situada a 40 km de Aalsborg.