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Thursday, February 5, 2015

What is.....End Unit Review! (Present Simple)

The students (and I) love this game for reviewing a topic. It´s great because of it´s versatility- it can be adapted to ANY topic! It also promotes reading, listening, speaking, and putting into practice what they´ve learned in a fun way. I think the best part is the competitive aspect in which students don´t even realize they´re learning and studying.

Popular in America is a famous game show or "quiz" show in America called Jeopardy. Three contestants at a time are situated infront of a digital game board with different catagories, below of which are questions related to that category ranging in difficulty. They chose a catagory and value, which the idea is to get the most questions right, winning the most amount of money.

I took this idea and made a prezi for my primero levels in the present simple. It worked best with the higher levels as I found they behaved better, but all seem to love it. I tried not to move the students around, so I divided them into groups based on where they were sitting. They were to chose a catagory first (the first rows) then a value (ex. $200) below of which is a question or answer they have to solve. On the board I listed the groups, and as they get a question right I add the amount. I do not take away when they are wrong, as the question goes to the next group to try to solve.

It works by clicking on a value, then pressing the right arrow so the students can see the question, which I read outloud. They then have a minute or 2 to talk amongst eachother and come up with an answer. If it is not correct in verb tense and content, the question goes to the next group. When they guess it right, I press the right arrow button revealing the answer. I then press it again to return to the game board and the next group can chose a catagory and value.

(I had to first explain the idea of each catagory, as in Jeopardy they´re a play on words. "Ask Me Anything" was answers and they had to make the questions. 1st or 3rd person was chosing which form of a verb or saying dates properly etc.)

Here´s the link to the public prezi, and can be adapted at your discretion as long as you have a prezi account! Hope you all enjoy.


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