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Friday, June 22, 2012

Alice in Wonderland Cross Curricular Project

This term the Bilingual Section worked on a cross curricular project based on  the story Alice in Wonderland. After reading Louis Caroll´s famous story in English class, each student wrote a  semi- scientific version of the story based on what they studied in Natural  Science about the the Earth´s crust and core. Here is one student´s version!

Alice on the Continental Relief and Oceanic Floor
by Yusra Safouani Bouraiji

One day, Alice was at the beach with her parents.She told to her parents that she decided to dive.Her father told her:
-Don't go far and don't be late ok?
-Ok dad!
When she was deep in the beach,she found a shrimp.She asked the shrimp:
-What's your name?
-Wachifloppy and you?-asked the shrimp.
-My name is Alice,nice to meet you.
Wachifloppy showed Alice where she lived,she lived near a submarine volcano!.Alice asked the shrimp:
-You aren't afraid?
-No,because I'm used to this volcano.-answered Watchifloppy.
Then,alice started to ask her stupid questions like:Can shrimps talk?.So the swrimp took Alice to two places:oceanic ridge where her sister lived and to a continental shelf  where her best friend lived.When they arrived to the oceanic ridge,Wachifloppy said to Alice not to be shy.But when they arrived to the continental shelf,she met the friend of Wachifloppy.Alice asked herself:If there wasn't any sand on the continental shelf,what would there be instead?
The parents of Alice started to worry about her.Her father started to shout:
-Alice Alice!!Where are you?
Alice didn't listen to her father,so she continued in the continental shelf with Wachifloppy and asked herself many questions.But  Wachifloppy had to go home,so Alice went to the shore,but while she was going to the shore,there was a shark and she got nervous.The sahrk told to Alice:
-Don't be scared,I'm not going to bite you.
But Alice suspected because the sharks always bite you but this shark didn´t...it's very strange.but when the shark talked she recognized the voice.It was her father,he only wanted to do this to see if Alice was scared or not.Finally they went to the shore and Alice told all the adventures she had under the water.

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